Remote Card Control Instructions

To prevent most unauthorized usage of your Montana Health debit card, you can now “turn it off” right from your mobile phone.  Here’s how:

  • Log onto our mobile app (if you haven’t done this for the first time and need help, give us a call, we will walk you through it)
  • Go to the main menu (tap the three lines on the top left hand corner)
  • Go to Debit/Credit Cards
  • You will see “Card ending (last 4 digits of your card)”.  Select that.
  • A scroll menu will come up
  • Select “Disabled”
  • Tap “Save”

Your card is now shut off.  If you don’t mind the embarrassment, you can even test it at a merchant.  When you want it active again, just choose “Active” and “Save”.  The change to on or off is immeadiate.

We recommend you leave your card off when not in use — and activate it just when you need to.  You have the power now!