Make Saving Easy

Makes Cents – A new savings plan form MHFCU that turns cents into dollars

What You Need

  • Montana Health FCU Savings Account
  • Montana Health FCU Checking Account
  • Montana Health FCU Debit Card

How It Works

  • Make a purchase at any merchant using your Montana Health FCU debit card
  • The amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account
  • The difference between your purchase and the next whole dollar amount is automatically deducted from your checking account and deposited to your savings account

Why It’s Great!

  • Helps you achieve your savings goals
  • Provides a “Cents”ible way to add to your savings account on a regular basis
  • Puts your cents to work for you

How Montana Health FCU Helps

  • For the first 30 days after you enroll in Makes Cents, Montana Health FCU will match your Makes Cents savings transfers, up to a total match amount of $25.00
  • Makes Cents helps put you on the path to good savings habits
  • Tracking your savings and checking transactions is easy on MHFCU Online Banking and Phone Banking


Lunch at your favorite fast food place – $5.69
Entry in your checkbook register:

4/14/08 Fast Food Lunch $5.69
4/14/08 Makes Cents Savings $0.31


New boots for the rodeo – $129.89
Entry into your checkbook register:

4/14/08 New Boots $129.89
4/14/08 Makes Cents Savings $0.11