What is the credit Routing and Transit number?

The Routing and Transit (R/T) number is the identifier that the Federal Reserve System uses to route your transactions and your checks back to us for entry into your account

MHFCU’s R/T number is 2929-76751

I’ve moved. How can I change my address?

  • Call the credit union and an Account Services Representative will verify your information to change the address.
  • Send or fax a letter, with your signature, stating your new address. Be sure to include all account numbers that will be affected by the address change
  • We will change your address if we receive a returned mail piece with the US Postal Service change of address sticker attached, if your account meets certain balance guidelines.

How do I close my account?

Come into the credit union and speak with our Account Services Representative.

How can I add another person to my account?

Come into the credit union with the person you wish to add to the account. Be sure he/she brings in a valid government issued photo ID.

Can I remove a joint owner from my account?

  • If you are the primary owner on the account (all dividends are reported under your social security number) you can remove a joint owner if you checked the box on the original signature card allowing one owner to change information on the account.
  • Come to the credit union and meet with an Account Services Representative to remove the joint owner and sign a new signature card.
  • If you are a joint owner on an account, you can remove yourself or other joint owners, but you cannot remove the primary owner.

How can I access my Montana Health FCU VISA account information online?

  • Click on the VISA Online link on our home page.
  • You will be directed to the VISA Online Access page.
  • Click on the “New User?  Click Here to Enroll in Online Services” link on the left hand side of the page.
  • Follow the prompts to enroll.
  • You can view your balance, transaction history, and make payments.

How can I make my Montana Health FCU VISA payment online?

  • Click on the VISA Online link and sign on with your user and password
  • Click on Pay Bill Online link (left hand side of page)
  • You can select a one-time payment or set up recurring scheduled payments
  • You can select a set payment amount, or choose to pay off the balance
  • Your payment will automatically be deducted from the checking account of your choice

How do I access phone banking for the first time?

  • Dial 259-2000, press 1 anytime during the greeting
  • Follow the prompts, the most important information is putting in your social security number
  • Make sure to use the main digits of the account number (no suffix)

What do I do if I’ve lost my ATM or Debit card?

  • During regular credit union business hours, call (406) 259-2000 to report your card lost or stolen.
  • If you realize you have lost your card outside of normal business hours, call (888) 833-3455 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to report a lost or stolen card.  As soon as possible, call the credit union at (406) 259-2000 and report your card so that we can issue you a new card.

What do I do if I’ve lost my Credit card?

  • During regular credit union business hours, call (406) 259-2000 to report your card lost or stolen.
  • If you realize you have lost your card outside of normal business hours, call (800) 991-4964 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to report a lost or stolen card.  As soon as possible, call the credit union at (406) 259-2000 and report your card so that we can issue you a new card.


Online Banking FAQ’s

How do I get set up on Internet banking?

Call or come in to the credit union. Any of our Account Service Representatives can set your account up with a first time password

Why are we required to enhance security on our Internet account?

  • Enhanced security is part of an ongoing effort by us to ensure compliance with federal regulations and to provide the highest level of protection to you against identity theft.
  • The new security measures ensure that you are communicating with our computer and that we are communicating with you or someone you have authorized to access your account.

I am having trouble logging in and keep getting sent back to the questions page.

  • Make sure the questions answered are three different questions.
  • Use the drop down arrow to the right of the question to access different questions, or make your own.
  • Make sure to type in the exact answer you will use when you sign on to online Banking in the future.  Remember, the answers you type are case sensitive.

What do I do if I am logged out/disabled on the website?

Online Banking doesn’t recognize my account number, but I typed it exactly like it shows on the bottom of my check. What am I doing wrong?

Use only your base member number.  The number on the bottom of your check may add leading zeros.  We also add two digits to the end of your number for check routing purposes.

For example, the bottom of your check reads: 000012345692.  Your base member number is 123456.


Online Bill Pay FAQ’s

Is online bill pay free?

Yes! Online bill pay is free to our members who belong to our Health-E Club. Other members pay $3.95 per month for Online Bill Pay Classic and $4.95 for Online Bill Pay Plus.

How do I enroll in online bill pay?

To enroll in online bill pay, you must first be enrolled in online banking. To enroll in online banking and online bill pay, please visit our website and look for the online banking information on the homepage.

Is online bill pay secure?

Online bill pay is recommended by security experts as one of the safest ways to pay your bills. According to research, 90 percent of identity theft doesn’t occur through the Internet.* Identity thieves still use the tried and true methods of stealing mail or discarded trash. Combined use of online banking and online bill pay helps to protect consumers against identity theft and check fraud. For additional security, online bill pay requires 128-bit encryption and personalized log-in information.

*Research gathered by Javelin Strategy & Research.

How are payments sent?

Payments are sent two ways: electronic and paper check. On average, electronic payments are sent to more than 70 percent of payees. For payees who can only accept checks, the subscriber’s account is debited electronically and an authorized paper check is issued on behalf of the subscriber.

What are the benefits of electronic payments?

Electronic is the fastest payment method for subscribers and greatly reduces the risk of human error. Electronic payments are received by the payee within 2–3 business days.

What are the benefits of check payments?

Check payments allow you to pay anyone through your online bill pay account. No more postage or trips to the post office. Plus, checks payments through online bill pay are electronically recorded, may be stopped before 2 p.m. Eastern time on the date they are scheduled to process, and are virtually tamper resistant. The estimated arrival time for checks is based upon the payee’s zip code and is displayed while you schedule a payment.

Are online bill payments guaranteed?

Online bill payments are not guaranteed by the US Postal Service or Automated Clearing House Network (ACH). However, online bill pay offers a payment success rate of 99.99 percent and greatly reduces the risk of human error. In the event a check payment is not received, our online bill pay support will stop and re-issue the payment, as well as provide proof of processing to the payee. Online bill pay also provides a history of your payments and payment information is integrated directly into account statements.

When can payments be scheduled?

Payments may be submitted at any time, day or night. All payments should be scheduled according to process date and not according to due date. For example, payments should be scheduled to process before the actual due date. Estimated arrival times are automatically displayed during the scheduling process. We recommend scheduling first payments in advance to ensure timely delivery. Payments are electronically debited from your account on the process date. For same-day processing, please schedule payments before 3 p.m. Eastern time.

Who can I pay with online bill pay?

With online bill pay, you can pay virtually anyone with a current address within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

What if I need more information?

For specific information or questions regarding our online bill pay service, please contact us.